Craniosacral Therapy and Shiatsuin Wirral & Merseyside


COVID19 secure measures have been put in place, adhering to Government guidance. These measures are:

* Social distancing measures in place (except while treating)
* High-touch areas in the building sanitised after each client
* Regular deep clean of treatment room
* Treatment equipment stools/chairs sanitised after each client
* Blankets washed after each treatment
* Cashless payment via card or transfer to bank account. Cash still accepted.

PPE in place:
Disposable and sterile sheets on couch and/or futon
Disposable and sterile face covers used on couch/body cushion
Wearing of mask and visor
Gloves aren’t worn because of difficulty in feeling engagement during the treatment process but hands and arms are regularly sanitised before, during and after treatment.

* Please let me know if you display any symptoms of COVID19 during the 14 days days before your appointment ie persistent dry cough, high fever, loss of taste and smell.
* Please do not attend your appointment if you currently have COVID19 symptoms or have experienced COVID19 symptoms during the 14 days prior to your appointment .
* Please avoid bringing unnecessary personal possessions to your appointment
* We no longer have a seating area so please do not arrive early for your appointment. Please wait in your car until your appointment time.
* Please attend on your own if possible (unaccompanied).
* You will be required to sign a COVID consent form explaining, inter alia, the risks involved in attending your appointment and the practices in place to mitigate those risks


Coming for a Treatment/Price/Contact Details

One of the benefits of Shiatsu and Craniosacral is that you do not have to get undressed. Treatments are received through clothing and can be on a futon or on a couch. Your comfort and ease during treatment is of importance, and so treatments are usually on bodycushion so that your neck is not twisted when laying face down.

It's best to wear something loose and comfortable like jogging bottoms and a T-shirt. Jeans and skirts are not really suitable.

Sessions last for one-hour, with hands-on around 45-50 minutes. Try to avoid eating a heavy meal immediately before treatment. Please feel free to call if you have any queries.

Treatments are available at

Komyokan Dojo
(about 1 mile from Birkenhead/Queensway Tunnel)
146 Harrowby Road
Birkenhead CH42 7HX
TEL: 07931 555694
Click here

LIVERPOOL CITY CENTRE (Craniosacral only)
The Space
60 Rodney Street
Liverpool L1 9AD

Further Info/Prices/Venues. SS4heartmer


One-hour Treatment Birkenhead - £55
One-hour Treatment Liverpool (Rodney St) £70 (Craniosacral only) NOT CURRENTLY AVAILABLE DUE TO COVID
3 treatments paid for in advance £130 (Birkenhead) & £165 Liverpool Rodney St (NOT CURRENTLY AVAILABLE DUE TO COVID)

Mobile treatments may be available - please call for prices
PLEASE NOTE - payment is CARD & CASH.

Contact Details

Mobile: 07931 555694 (Call or Text) - PLEASE TRY THE MOBILE FIRST - THANK YOU!
Landline: 0151 652 1526 (Komyokan)
E:mail: [email protected]
Mobile treatments may be available - call for details.

Further Info/Prices/Venues. SSlogosmall

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